Custom View Layout Creator

The Custom View Layout Creator and available views.

You can create multiple windows and put them on separate monitors to maximize screen real estate usage. To create new top-level windows, and potentially move them to another monitor, use the Create New Window command in the View pane in the File tab. This command duplicates the current instance into an auxiliary window.

You can choose an alternate tab within the auxiliary window, independent of the main window. You can select view layouts independently in each top-level window that you create.

  • Creating a custom view layout
  • Available views

Creating a custom view layout

To create a custom view layout, go through the following steps.

  1. Select the View option from the File tab.

  2. Select the tab that you want to customize.

  3. Drag the view names from the list of views over one of the panes under the tab to add the view to the layout.

  4. To remove a view added by mistake, click the Remove button from the center of the view.

  5. When the customized view is ready, click the Create New Window button to display it.

Available views

The following views can be added to a custom view layout.

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