OilBrushSize Enumeration

The size of the brush used by the .

Namespace: Lumia.Imaging.Artistic
Assembly: Lumia.Imaging (in Lumia.Imaging.dll) Version:


public enum OilBrushSize
Public Enumeration OilBrushSize
public enum class OilBrushSize
Lumia.Imaging.Artistic.OilBrushSize = function();
Lumia.Imaging.Artistic.OilBrushSize.createEnum('Lumia.Imaging.Artistic.OilBrushSize', false);


Member name Value Description
Small 0 Small brush size, low strength of the effect.
Medium 1 Medium brush size, medium strength of the effect.
Large 2 Large brush size, high strength of the effect.

Version Information

Lumia Imaging SDK

Supported in: 3.0, 2.0

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