XmlReader.MoveToElement Method

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When overridden in a derived class, moves to the element that contains the current attribute node.

Namespace:  System.Xml
Assembly:  System.Xml (in System.Xml.dll)


Public MustOverride Function MoveToElement As Boolean
public abstract bool MoveToElement()

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
true if the reader is positioned on an attribute (the reader moves to the element that owns the attribute); false if the reader is not positioned on an attribute (the position of the reader does not change).


Use this method to return to an element after navigating through its attributes. This method moves the reader to one of the following node types: Element, DocumentType, or XmlDeclaration.


Dim output As New StringBuilder()

Dim xmlString As String = _
        "<bookstore>" & _
            "<book genre='autobiography' publicationdate='1981-03-22' ISBN='1-861003-11-0'>" & _
                "<title>The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin</title>" & _
                "<author>" & _
                    "<first-name>Benjamin</first-name>" & _
                    "<last-name>Franklin</last-name>" & _
                "</author>" & _
                "<price>8.99</price>" & _
            "</book>" & _

' Create an XmlReader
Using reader As XmlReader = XmlReader.Create(New StringReader(xmlString))


    If reader.HasAttributes Then
        output.Append("Attributes of <" + reader.Name + ">")
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To reader.AttributeCount - 1
            output.Append(" " + reader.Name + "=" + reader.Value)
        Next i
        reader.MoveToElement() ' Moves the reader back to the element node.
    End If

End Using

OutputTextBlock.Text = output.ToString()

StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();

String xmlString =
    <book genre='autobiography' publicationdate='1981-03-22' ISBN='1-861003-11-0'>
        <title>The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin</title>

// Create an XmlReader
using (XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(new StringReader(xmlString)))

    if (reader.HasAttributes)
        output.Append("Attributes of <" + reader.Name + ">");
        for (int i = 0; i < reader.AttributeCount; i++)
            output.Append(" " + reader.Name + "=" + reader.Value);
        reader.MoveToElement(); // Moves the reader back to the element node.


OutputTextBlock.Text = output.ToString();

Version Information


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XNA Framework

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