SyndicationFeed.GetRss20Formatter Method (Boolean)

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Gets a new Rss20FeedFormatter instance.

Namespace:  System.ServiceModel.Syndication
Assembly:  System.ServiceModel.Syndication (in System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll)


Public Function GetRss20Formatter ( _
    serializeExtensionsAsAtom As Boolean _
) As Rss20FeedFormatter
public Rss20FeedFormatter GetRss20Formatter(
    bool serializeExtensionsAsAtom


  • serializeExtensionsAsAtom
    Type: System.Boolean
    A value that specifies whether to serialize element and attribute extensions with an Atom 1.0 namespace.


The RSS 2.0 specification allows elements and attributes that are not specified in its specification only if they are within a namespace. When the serializedExtensionsAsAtom parameter is true, the formatter automatically adds the a10 namespace qualifier to all extensions; otherwise, the extensions are not serialized.

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Supported in: 5, 4, 3


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