SyndicationFeed.TryParseAttribute Method

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Attempts to parse an attribute extension.

Namespace:  System.ServiceModel.Syndication
Assembly:  System.ServiceModel.Syndication (in System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll)


Protected Friend Overridable Function TryParseAttribute ( _
    name As String, _
    ns As String, _
    value As String, _
    version As String _
) As Boolean
protected internal virtual bool TryParseAttribute(
    string name,
    string ns,
    string value,
    string version


  • version
    Type: System.String
    The syndication version to use when parsing.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
A value that specifies whether the attribute extension was parsed successfully.


Exception Condition

Invalid XML Encountered during read.


Attribute extensions are custom attributes that are not defined by the Atom 1.0 or RSS 2.0 specifications. They are serialized as an attribute of the <feed> (for Atom 1.0) or <rss> (for RSS 2.0) element, which depends upon the syndication version being used. This method is an extension point that allows you to handle the deserialization of a custom attribute extension. To do this, you must derive a class from SyndicationFeed and override this method. This method is called for all unrecognized attribute extensions.

Version Information


Supported in: 5, 4, 3


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