Point2 (BezierSegment)

Gets or sets the second control point of a curve.

<object Point2="Point"  .../>
value = object.Point2
object.Point2 = value

Property Value

Type: Point

The second control point of the curve.

This property is read/write. The default value is a Point with value 0,0.

Managed Equivalent



See the "Remarks" section in the Point reference topic for scripting usages of this property.

The two control points of a cubic Bezier curve behave conceptually like magnets, attracting portions of what would otherwise be a straight line toward themselves and producing a curve. The first control point, Point1, affects the beginning portion of the curve. The second control point, Point2, affects the ending portion of the curve. Note that the curve does not necessarily pass through either of the control points; each control point moves its portion of the line toward itself, but not through itself.

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