CharPosition (RuntimeErrorEventArgs)

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

The character position within the line on which the run-time error occurred.

value = eventargs.CharPosition

Property Value

Type: integer

The character position the run-time error occurred on.

This property is read/write but should be considered read-only because there is no reason to change the reported information. There is no default.

Managed Equivalent

No direct equivalent, but may be available within the message of an exception.


This property is technically read/write, but there is generally no reason to set it, because the property simply reports information from existing errors.


The following JavaScript example shows the portion of an event handler that displays error information that is specific to run-time errors.

// errorArgs is an instance of RuntimeErrorEventArgs
    if(errorArgs.ErrorType == "RuntimeError")
      var runtimeErrorMsg = "Silverlight Runtime Error  \n\n";
      // Basic error event information.
      runtimeErrorMsg += "Error Type:    " + errorArgs.errorType     + "\n";
      runtimeErrorMsg += "Error Message: " + errorArgs.errorMessage  + "\n";
      runtimeErrorMsg += "Error Code:    " + errorArgs.errorCode  + "\n";
      // Runtime-specific error event information.
      if (errorArgs.lineNumber != 0)
        runtimeErrorMsg += "Line:     " + errorArgs.lineNumber     + "\n";
        runtimeErrorMsg += "Position: " +  errorArgs.charPosition  + "\n";
     runtimeErrorMsg += "MethodName: " + errorArgs.methodName     + "\n";