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Gets the MediaAttribute for the collection with the Name that matches the specified string.

retval = object.GetItemByName(name)




The name of the MediaAttribute to get from the collection.

Return Value

Type: MediaAttribute

The MediaAttribute with the Name property equal to the specified string if found; otherwise, null.

Managed Equivalent

In managed code, the Attributes collection is a Dictionary<TKey, TValue>.


GetItemByName is a convenience method that retrieves media attributes without requiring you to iterate the entire collection.

GetItemByName is a specific implementation of the MediaAttributeCollection collection. It does not exist on other collections (for example, the collection held by Canvas.Children) and works specifically on the Name property of a MediaAttribute. This name is not the same concept as the Name property that is used to identify a XAML element for retrieval by FindName in run-time code.


The following JavaScript example shows how to retrieve a MediaAttribute by name from the Attributes property of a MediaElement that has a Source (MediaElement) property set to an ASX playlist file. It then displays the Name and Value properties of the MediaAttribute.

function onMediaOpened(sender, args) {
    // Variable to hold the MediaAttribute.
    var attribute;
    // Get the MediaAttribute named Title.
        var attributesCollection = sender.Attributes;
        attribute = attributesCollection.getItemByName("Title");
    // Display the value of the MediaAttribute.
    if(attribute != null)
      alert("The title of the track is: " + attribute.value);

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