ScriptObject.ConvertTo<T> Method

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Converts the current scriptable object to a specified type.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Browser
Assembly:  System.Windows.Browser (in System.Windows.Browser.dll)


Public Function ConvertTo(Of T) As T
public T ConvertTo<T>()

Type Parameters

  • T
    The type to convert the current scriptable object to.

Return Value

Type: T
An object of type T.


Exception Condition

The conversion failed or is not supported.


This method converts the scriptable object to the type specified by T.


Use this method to convert a JavaScript Date object into a managed DateTime object.

Conversion operations differ depending on the underlying type of the scriptable object:

  • If the ManagedObject property is not nulla null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), an attempt is made to cast the underlying managed object to type T. As a result, ConvertTo is an alternative to explicitly casting the ManagedObject property.

  • If the current scriptable object is an event delegate, you can call ConvertTo<EventHandler> to get a ScriptEventHandler that represents the scriptable object. For example, this is possible if the underlying scriptable object is actually a JavaScript method.

  • For all other types (except HtmlObject) an attempt is made to serialize the underlying JavaScript object to the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and then to deserialize the resulting JSON string to the target T type.

Version Information


Supported in: 5, 4, 3


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