FullScreen (Silverlight Plug-in Object)

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Silverlight plug-in is displayed as a full-screen plug-in.


object Element

Not applicable. This property is not settable on instantiation.


Not applicable. This property is not settable on instantiation.


silverlightObject.content.fullScreen = bool;
bool = silverlightObject.content.fullScreen;


Not available.

Managed Code

Property Value

true if the Silverlight plug-in is displayed as a full-screen plug-in; false if the Silverlight plug-in is displayed as an embedded plug-in. The default value is false.


For more information about full-screen behavior, which includes limitations on input, see Full-Screen Support.

You cannot set this property during instantiation. You cannot set this value in an onLoad handler (JavaScript) or Loaded handler (managed API). Typically, you switch to full-screen mode only in response to a user action. You can set IsFullScreen only in a handler for a user-initiated event, such as a mouse event or a keyboard event that is captured by the UI. Events from controls that incorporate lower level input, such as Click, are considered as user-initiated also.

A Silverlight plug-in can be displayed in either embedded mode or full-screen mode:

  • In embeddedmode, the plug-in is displayed in the Web browser content area.

  • In full-screen mode, the plug-in is displayed on top of all other applications.

When a Silverlight plug-in is displayed in full-screen mode, a message is displayed briefly that overlays the Silverlight content. This message alerts the user that the application is in full-screen mode, and provides information about how to return to embedded mode. The following illustration shows this message.

Full-screen mode message (English)

Press ESC to exit full-screen mode.

The FullScreenChanged event occurs when the value of the FullScreen / Content.IsFullScreen property changes.


For best performance, when your application goes into full-screen mode, hide or disconnect from the tree all the objects that are not being rendered in full-screen mode. You can hide an object by setting its Visibility property to Collapsed.