TaskFactory.ContinueWhenAll<TResult> Method (array<Task[], Func<array<Task[], TResult>, TaskContinuationOptions)

Creates a continuation Task<TResult> that will be started upon the completion of a set of provided Tasks.

Namespace:  System.Threading.Tasks
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)


Public Function ContinueWhenAll(Of TResult) ( _
    tasks As Task(), _
    continuationFunction As Func(Of Task(), TResult), _
    continuationOptions As TaskContinuationOptions _
) As Task(Of TResult)
public Task<TResult> ContinueWhenAll<TResult>(
    Task[] tasks,
    Func<Task[], TResult> continuationFunction,
    TaskContinuationOptions continuationOptions

Type Parameters

  • TResult
    The type of the result that is returned by the continuationFunction delegate and associated with the created Task<TResult>.


  • continuationFunction
    Type: System.Func<array<Task[], TResult>
    The function delegate to execute asynchronously when all tasks in the tasks array have completed.

Return Value

Type: System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult>
The new continuation Task<TResult>.


Exception Condition

The exception that is thrown when one of the elements in the tasks array has been disposed.


The exception that is thrown when the tasks array is null.


The exception that is thrown when the continuationFunction argument is null.


The exception that is thrown when the continuationOptions argument specifies an invalid TaskContinuationOptions value. The exception that is thrown when the creationOptions argument specifies an invalid TaskCreationOptions value. For more information, see the Remarks for FromAsync


The exception that is thrown when the tasks array contains a null value.


The exception that is thrown when the tasks array is empty.


The NotOn* and OnlyOn* TaskContinuationOptions, which constrain for which TaskStatus states a continuation will be executed, are illegal with ContinueWhenAll.

Version Information


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Added text to clarify asynchronous execution of continuations.

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