DataPager.AutoEllipsis Property

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to use an ellipsis as the last numeric button.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Controls
Assembly:  System.Windows.Controls.Data (in System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll)


Public Property AutoEllipsis As Boolean
public bool AutoEllipsis { get; set; }
<sdk:DataPager AutoEllipsis="bool"/>

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean
true if an ellipsis should be used as the last numeric button; otherwise, false.


Dependency property identifier field: AutoEllipsisProperty

The AutoEllipsis property only has an effect when the DataPager is in a DisplayMode that shows numeric page buttons. When AutoEllipsis is true, the last numeric page button is replaced with an ellipsis, unless the ellipsis would be the last page. When the ellipsis is clicked, the page that it represents is made the current page.

The ellipsis is counted as a numeric page button in the NumericButtonCount property. For example, if NumericButtonCount is 5, the DataPager will display numeric buttons for pages 1 through 4, and an ellipsis for the last button: "1 2 3 4 … ".

Version Information


Supported in: 5, 4, 3


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