Projections in the JavaScript API

Silverlight 3 introduces a way to simulate 3-D effects through projections on a plane. This topic documents the availability of projections for JavaScript API in Silverlight 3.

What are Projections?

Projections are a simplified API for using transforms that simulate a 3-D effect in Silverlight rendering by projecting the object on a plane, then transforming that plane.

Rather than being presented as discrete pages in the JavaScript API Reference for Silverlight, this topic lists the projection types and their members that can be instantiated from XAML and then used with the JavaScript API. The list includes links to the managed API equivalents, which provide XAML usage and examples.

To establish a projection, you set the Projection property on any UIElement. In XAML, you set this using property element syntax, with value of an object element that is either PlaneProjection or Matrix3DProjection.

Projection Types and Properties