System.ComponentModel.Composition.Hosting Namespace

This namespace provides classes for MEF useful to developers of extensible applications, or hosts.


  Class Description
Public class AggregateCatalog A catalog that combines multiple ComposablePartCatalog objects.
Public class AggregateExportProvider Retrieves exports provided by a collection of ExportProvider objects.
Public class AssemblyCatalog Discovers attributed parts in a managed code assembly.
Public class AtomicComposition Represents a single composition operation for transactional composition.
Public class CatalogExportProvider Retrieves exports from a catalog.
Public class ComposablePartCatalogChangeEventArgs Provides data for the Changed event.
Public class ComposablePartExportProvider Retrieves exports from a part.
Public class CompositionBatch Represents a set of ComposablePart objects which will be added or removed from the container in a single transactional composition.
Public class CompositionConstants Contains static metadata keys used by the composition system.
Public class CompositionContainer Manages composition of parts.
Public class CompositionHost Provides static methods to control the container used by CompositionInitializer.
Public class DeploymentCatalog Discovers attributed parts in a XAP file, and provides methods for asynchronously downloading XAP files.
Public class ExportProvider Retrieves exports which match a specified ImportDefinition object.
Public class ExportsChangeEventArgs Provides data for the ExportsChanging and ExportsChanged event.
Public class ImportEngine Performs composition for containers.
Public class TypeCatalog Discovers attributed parts from a collection of types.


  Interface Description
Public interface INotifyComposablePartCatalogChanged Provides notifications when a ComposablePartCatalog changes.