System.Windows.Controls.Pivot Namespace

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

Provides classes to create PivotViewer control and its supporting elements.

The classes contained in the System.Windows.Controls.Pivot namespace documentation are available in the Silverlight SDK. For a list of the controls included in the Silverlight SDK, see Controls by Function. When you use a control from the Silverlight SDK you will need to add a reference to the assembly and include the appropriate XML namespace mapping in XAML.


  Class Description
Public class CxmlCollectionSource Represents a collection of PivotViewerItem and their metadata.
Public class CxmlCollectionStateChangedEventArgs Provides data for the StateChanged event.
Public class PivotViewer Represents a control that enables a user to present and interact with a large amount of data.
Public class PivotViewerCommandsRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the CommandsRequested event
Public class PivotViewerDateTimeProperty Represents the PivotViewerProperty for date time values.
Public class PivotViewerDefaultDetails Represents the default content view for the detail pane.
Public class PivotViewerDefaultItemAdorner Represents the control that is positioned over an item in PivotViewer when the mouse hovers over the item or when that item is selected.
Public class PivotViewerDetailPane Represents the Detail Pane of the PivotViewer control
Public class PivotViewerFilterEventArgs Provides data for the LinkClicked event.
Public class PivotViewerFilterPane Describes the various views of the Filter Pane.
Public class PivotViewerGraphView Represents a PivotViewerView that corresponding to the Graph view.
Public class PivotViewerGridView Represents a PivotViewerView that corresponds to the Grid view.
Public class PivotViewerHyperlink Represents a class that serves as the basic unit for the link data type in a PivotViewer.
Public class PivotViewerItem Represents a single item in ItemsSource.
Public class PivotViewerItemAdorner Represents the control that is positioned over an item in PivotViewer when the mouse hovers over the item or when that item is selected.
Public class PivotViewerItemDoubleClickEventArgs Provides data for the ItemDoubleClick event.
Public class PivotViewerItemTemplate Defines the appearance of tradecards that are used to represent items in ItemsSource.
Public class PivotViewerItemTemplateCollection Represents a collection of PivotViewerItemTemplates.
Public class PivotViewerLinkEventArgs Provides data for the LinkClicked event.
Public class PivotViewerLinkProperty Represents the PivotViewerProperty for hyperlink values.
Public class PivotViewerMultiScaleSubImageHost Represents a sub image in a deep zoom collection in a PivotViewerItemTemplate.
Public class PivotViewerMultiSizeImage Describes an image in the PivotViewerItemTemplate that chooses between multiple image sources depending on the current zoom level.
Public class PivotViewerMultiSizeImageSource Defines the source for the PivotViewerMultiSizeImage.
Public class PivotViewerMultiSizeImageSourceCollection Represents a collection of PivotViewerMultiSizeImageSources.
Public class PivotViewerNumericProperty Represents the PivotViewerProperty for numeric values.
Public class PivotViewerProperty Describes the properties that can be set on a PivotViewerItem.
Public class PivotViewerPropertyCardinalityComparer Represents a class that provides a method for sorting PivotViewerProperty values by cardinality.
Public class PivotViewerPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for the for the PropertyChanged.
Public class PivotViewerStringProperty Represents the PivotViewerProperty for string values.
Public class PivotViewerView Represents the views in the PivotViewerViewer control.
Public class PivotViewerViewUpdatingEventArgs Provides data for the PivotViewerViewUpdating event.


  Interface Description
Public interface IPivotViewerUICommand Represents an ICommand that can be displayed in the PivotViewer.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate PivotViewerDateTimePropertyRangesProvider Represents the method that will provide the range for PivotViewerDateTimeProperty.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CxmlCollectionState Represents the states of a CxmlCollectionSource.
Public enumeration PivotViewerPropertyOptions Represents the options for PivotViewerPropertys that control display and other behaviors.
Public enumeration PivotViewerPropertyType Represents the supported data types for PivotViewerProperty.