NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs.OldItems Property

Gets the item affected by a Replace or Remove action.

Namespace:  System.Collections.Specialized
Assembly:  System.Windows (in System.Windows.dll)


Public ReadOnly Property OldItems As IList
public IList OldItems { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Collections.IList
The list of items affected by a Replace or Remove action.


In the existing Silverlight implementation, INotifyCollectionChanged is always used for single item changes. Because of the NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs constructor signatures, it is not possible to raise CollectionChanged in such a way that it reports multiple items.

The type of this property is IList for compatibility, but in the existing Silverlight implementation you can generally assume that the IList only contains one item. To get that item you could use the C# shorthand of collectionChangedEventArgs.OldItems[0].

OldItems will contain the following depending on the Action being reported in the event data:


Add contains:


nulla null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


The removed item.


The previous (replaced) item.


nulla null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

Version Information


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Supported in: Windows Phone OS 7.1, Windows Phone OS 7.0


For a list of the operating systems and browsers that are supported by Silverlight, see Supported Operating Systems and Browsers.