Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio Namespace

Contains low-level application programming interface (API) methods that can load and manipulate XACT-created project and content files to play audio.


Name Description
Public Class AudioEmitter Represents a 3D audio emitter.
Public Class AudioEngine Represents the audio engine. Applications use the methods of the audio engine to instantiate and manipulate core audio objects.
Public Class AudioListener Represents a 3D audio listener.
Public Class Cue Defines methods for managing the playback of sounds.
Public Class DynamicSoundEffectInstance Provides properties, methods, and events for play back of the audio buffer.
Public Class InstancePlayLimitException The exception that is thrown when there is an attempt to play more than the platform specific maximum SoundEffectInstance sounds concurrently.
Public Class Microphone Provides properties, methods, and fields and events for capturing audio data with microphones.
Public Class NoAudioHardwareException The exception that is thrown when no audio hardware is present, or when audio hardware is installed, but the device drivers for the audio hardware are not present or enabled.
Public Class NoMicrophoneConnectedException The exception that is thrown when Microphone API calls are made on a disconnected microphone.
Public Class SoundBank Represents a sound bank, which is a collection of cues.
Public Class SoundEffect Provides a loaded sound resource.
Public Class SoundEffectInstance Provides a single playing, paused, or stopped instance of a SoundEffect sound.
Public Class WaveBank Represents a wave bank, which is a collection of wave files.


Name Description
Public Structure AudioCategory Represents a particular category of sounds.
Public Structure RendererDetail Represents an audio renderer, which is a device that can render audio to a user.


Name Description
Public Enumeration AudioChannels Defines the number of channels in the audio data.
Public Enumeration AudioStopOptions Controls how Cue objects should stop when Stop is called.
Public Enumeration MicrophoneState Current state of the Microphone audio capture (started or stopped).
Public Enumeration SoundState Current state (playing, paused, or stopped) of a SoundEffectInstance.

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