Microsoft.Xna.Framework Namespace

Provides commonly needed game classes such as timers and game loops.


Name Description
Public Class BoundingFrustum Defines a frustum and helps determine whether forms intersect with it.
Public Class Curve Stores an arbitrary collection of 2D CurveKey points, and provides methods for evaluating features of the curve they define.
Public Class CurveKey Represents a point in a multi-point curve.
Public Class CurveKeyCollection Contains the CurveKeys making up a Curve.
Public Class DrawableGameComponent A game component that is notified when it needs to draw itself.
Public Class FrameworkDispatcher Processes XNA Framework event messages.
Public Class Game Provides basic graphics device initialization, game logic, and rendering code.
Public Class GameComponent Base class for all XNA Framework game components.
Public Class GameComponentCollection A collection of game components.
Public Class GameComponentCollectionEventArgs Arguments used with events from the GameComponentCollection.
Public Class GameServiceContainer A collection of game services.
Public Class GameTime Snapshot of the game timing state expressed in values that can be used by variable-step (real time) or fixed-step (game time) games.
Public Class GameTimer Manages a timer which updates a game by firing actions at specific times.
Public Class GameTimerEventArgs A snapshot of the game timing state based on game time and not real time.
Public Class GameWindow The system window associated with a Game.
Public Class GraphicsDeviceInformation Holds the settings for creating a graphics device on Windows.
Public Class GraphicsDeviceManager Handles the configuration and management of the graphics device.
Public Class LaunchParameters The start up parameters for launching a Windows Phone or Windows game.
Public Class MathHelper Contains commonly used precalculated values.
Public Class PreparingDeviceSettingsEventArgs Arguments for the GraphicsDeviceManager.PreparingDeviceSettings event.
Public Class SharedGraphicsDeviceManager Handles the configuration and management of a shared graphics device.
Public Class TitleContainer Provides file stream access to the title's default storage location.


Name Description
Public Interface IDrawable Defines the interface for a drawable game component.
Public Interface IGameComponent Defines an interface for game components.
Public Interface IGraphicsDeviceManager Defines the interface for an object that manages a GraphicsDevice.
Public Interface IUpdateable Defines an interface for a game component that should be updated in Game.Update.


Name Description
Public Structure BoundingBox Defines an axis-aligned box-shaped 3D volume.
Public Structure BoundingSphere Defines a sphere.
Public Structure Color Represents a four-component color using red, green, blue, and alpha data.
Public Structure Matrix Defines a matrix.
Public Structure Plane Defines a plane.
Public Structure Point Defines a point in 2D space.
Public Structure Quaternion Defines a four-dimensional vector (x,y,z,w), which is used to efficiently rotate an object about the (x, y, z) vector by the angle theta, where w = cos(theta/2).
Public Structure Ray Defines a ray.
Public Structure Rectangle Defines a rectangle.
Public Structure Vector2 Defines a vector with two components.
Public Structure Vector3 Defines a vector with three components.
Public Structure Vector4 Defines a vector with four components.


Name Description
Public Enumeration ContainmentType Indicates the extent to which bounding volumes intersect or contain one another.
Public Enumeration CurveContinuity Defines the continuity of CurveKeys on a Curve.
Public Enumeration CurveLoopType Defines how the value of a Curve will be determined for positions before the first point on the Curve or after the last point on the Curve.
Public Enumeration CurveTangent Specifies different tangent types to be calculated for CurveKey points in a Curve.
Public Enumeration DisplayOrientation Defines the display orientation.
Public Enumeration PlaneIntersectionType Describes the intersection between a plane and a bounding volume.
Public Enumeration PlayerIndex Specifies the game controller associated with a player.

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