Setting up your Firewall

The XNA Game Studio setup program adjusts Windows Firewall settings to allow the XnaTransX.exe application to send and receive network traffic. This is necessary for your Windows-based development computer to communicate with the Xbox 360 console. Similarly, the setup program adjusts Windows Firewall settings for the XnaLiveProxy.exe application to enable network communications for networked games.

If you are using a firewall product other than Windows Firewall—that is, any third-party firewall—you will need to configure this firewall to allow XnaTransX.exe and XnaLiveProxy.exe to send and receive network traffic. Some firewall products enable you to unblock entire applications, some enable you to unblock specific ports, and some, such as Windows Firewall, enable you to do both.

To unblock the entire XnaTransX.exe application, specify the following executable:

<install dir>\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\XNA\XnaTrans\v3.0\XnaTransX.exe

For the XnaLiveProxy.exe application, specify the following executable:

<install dir>\Microsoft XNA\XNA Game Studio\v4.0 Refresh\Bin\XnaLiveProxy.exe


In the above paths, <install dir> refers to the directory in which XNA Game Studio is installed. By default, this directory is %ProgramFiles%.

To unblock specific ports, configure your firewall using the following information.

Application Port Protocol Inbound or outbound
XnaTransX.exe 1001 TCP outbound
XnaTransX.exe 1001 UDP inbound/outbound
XnaTransX.exe 3825 UDP inbound/outbound
XnaTransX.exe 3835 UDP inbound/outbound
XnaLiveProxy.exe 1000 UDP inbound/outbound
XnaLiveProxy.exe 3074 UDP inbound/outbound

Firewall Settings for Connectivity to Xbox LIVE

You may also need to unblock ports on firewall devices between your Xbox 360 console and the external network to allow the console to connect to the Xbox LIVE service. For more information, see the following Knowledge Base article: Xbox 360: Port settings for Xbox LIVE.