FontDescription Class

Provides information to the FontDescriptionProcessor describing which font to rasterize, which font size to utilize, and which Unicode characters to include in the processor output.


As with most types of software, font files are licensed rather than sold. Font licenses vary from vendor to vendor, but most don't allow redistribution of the fonts, and that includes redistribution of reproductions such as bitmaps containing the rasterized character set. This is even true of many of the licenses covering fonts that Microsoft supplies with applications and Windows. Be careful, therefore, to ensure that you have the required license rights to redistribute any font you include as a bitmap containing the rasterized character set in your game!

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Graphics
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline (in microsoft.xna.framework.content.pipeline.dll)


public class FontDescription : ContentItem

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Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista