Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices Namespace

Contains classes that implement various services related to gamers. These services communicate directly with the gamer, the gamer's data, or otherwise reflect choices the gamer makes. Gamer services include input device and profile data APIs.


Name Description
Public Class Achievement Describes a single achievement, including the achievement name, description, picture, and whether it has been achieved by the currently signed in gamer.
Public Class AchievementCollection Collection holding the achievements belonging to a signed-in gamer.
Public Class AvatarAnimation Provides methods and properties for animating an avatar using standard animations (for example, celebrate).
Public Class AvatarDescription Provides access to the methods and properties of the description data for an avatar.
Public Class AvatarRenderer Provides properties and methods for rendering a standard avatar.
Public Class FriendCollection Represents the complete friends list of a local gamer.
Public Class FriendGamer Provides the presence information of a friend of the local gamer.
Public Class GameDefaults Describes a gamer's preferred settings.
Public Class Gamer Abstract base class for types that represent game players (profiles that have an associated gamertag). The concrete types SignedInGamer and NetworkGamer derive from this.
Public Class GamerCollection Represents a collection of gamers. This collection cannot be modified and is updated automatically during the call to Update.
Public Class GamerPresence Provides properties to set the rich presence state for a locally signed-in gamer profile.
Public Class GamerPrivilegeException Thrown if a gamer services or multiplayer API is called without a valid, signed-in profile.
Public Class GamerPrivileges Describes what operations a gamer is allowed to perform.
Public Class GamerProfile Profile settings describing information about a gamer such as the gamer's motto, reputation, and gamer picture. This data is accessible for both locally signed in profiles and remote gamers that you are playing with in a multiplayer session.
Public Class GamerServicesComponent Wraps the functionality of the GamerServicesDispatcher.
Public Class GamerServicesDispatcher Implements the Windows-specific portion of a GamerServicesDispatcher class.
Public Class GamerServicesNotAvailableException Thrown if the gamer services system cannot be successfully initialized.
Public Class GameUpdateRequiredException The exception thrown when a game (title) update is required in order to use Xbox LIVE.
Public Class Guide Provides access to the Guide user interface.
Public Class GuideAlreadyVisibleException Thrown if an attmept is made to display a component of the Guide user interface when a Guide component is already displayed.
Public Class InviteAcceptedEventArgs Represents the arguments passed to an InviteAccepted event.
Public Class LeaderboardEntry Class representing a single row of a leaderboard, holding all the information a specific gamer has uploaded to the board.
Public Class LeaderboardReader Reads data from leaderboards.
Public Class LeaderboardWriter Records leaderboard data for players in a NetworkSession.
Public Class NetworkException Thrown if there is a network communication failure.
Public Class NetworkNotAvailableException Thrown if a network connection is unavailable.
Public Class PropertyDictionary Holds a set of properties used to define presence states or leaderboard column values.
Public Class SignedInEventArgs Represents the arguments passed to a SignedIn event.
Public Class SignedInGamer Represents a gamer (a profile that has an associated gamertag) on the local system.
Public Class SignedInGamerCollection Represents a collection of gamers on the local system.
Public Class SignedInGamerExtensions Provides additional services to Gamer Services for Xbox LIVE.
Public Class SignedOutEventArgs Represents the arguments passed to a SignedOut event.


Name Description
Public Interface IAvatarAnimation Provides methods and properties for animating an avatar using custom animations. Allows for easier integration between custom animations and built-in animations.


Name Description
Public Structure AvatarExpression Contains the various components of the avatar's face, such as the left and right eyebrows.
Public Structure GamerCollection.GamerCollectionEnumerator Provides the ability to iterate through the gamers in an GamerCollection.
Public Structure LeaderboardIdentity Contains leaderboard identity information for a particular leaderboard.


Name Description
Public Enumeration AvatarAnimationPreset Defines standard animations for avatars.
Public Enumeration AvatarBodyType Defines the body type of the avatar.
Public Enumeration AvatarBone Defines a list of the useful bones of the avatar model.
Public Enumeration AvatarEye Defines the standard animation textures for an avatar's eyes.
Public Enumeration AvatarEyebrow Defines the standard animation textures for an avatar's eyebrows.
Public Enumeration AvatarMouth Defines the standard animation textures for an avatar's mouth.
Public Enumeration AvatarRendererState Indicates avatar state.
Public Enumeration ControllerSensitivity Indicates how sensitive this gamer prefers controller input to be.
Public Enumeration GameDifficulty Indicates how difficult this gamer likes things to be.
Public Enumeration GamerPresenceMode Settings defining the status string that will appear when you view a friend through the Xbox LIVE Guide or on Use the PresenceMode property to set this option.
Public Enumeration GamerPrivilegeSetting Describes the conditions in which a privilege is available.
Public Enumeration GamerZone This style of social gaming preferred by this Xbox LIVE member.
Public Enumeration LeaderboardKey Values used with LeaderboardIdentity.Create to select which leaderboard to access.
Public Enumeration LeaderboardOutcome Values used to provide an outcome for a player's leaderboard entry.
Public Enumeration MessageBoxIcon Defines the different icons for a message box.
Public Enumeration NotificationPosition Determines where notifications appear on the screen.
Public Enumeration RacingCameraAngle Indicates which camera angle this gamer prefers to use in racing games.



Games for Windows - LIVE is unavailable to finished games. This functionality is not included in the redistributable version of the XNA Framework. A game that attempts to use these components without XNA Game Studio installed will result in a GamerServicesNotAvailableException.

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