Getting Gamer Profiles

Demonstrates how to retrieve gamertags and pictures using a technique that also can be applied to retrieve other gamer profile information.

Retrieving Gamertags and Gamer Pictures

To retrieve a player's gamertag and profile picture

  • Use Gamer.GetProfile to retrieve the profile information for any player in the game.

    foreach (NetworkGamer gamer in session.AllGamers)
        string text = gamer.Gamertag;
        GamerProfile gamerProfile = gamer.GetProfile();
        Texture2D picture = Texture2D.FromStream(this.GraphicsDevice, gamerProfile.GetGamerPicture());


This method completes quickly when you use it with a locally signed-in profile. It can, however, take some time if you call it on a remote gamer instance. For a remote case, you might use the non-blocking alternative Gamer.BeginGetProfile. The GamerProfile returned by Gamer.GetProfile also contains such information as the motto, gamerscore, and more. If the gamer is a SignedInGamer, you can retrieve the local player's preferred settings for gameplay by using the SignedInGamer.GameDefaults property. You also can retrieve the local player's privileges by using SignedInGamer.Privileges. Unlike Gamer.GetProfile, which can be slow for remote players, the properties of a SignedInGamer return instantly.