Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Touch Namespace

Contains classes that enable access to touch-based input on devices that support it.


Name Description
Public Class TouchPanel Provides methods for retrieving touch panel device information.


Name Description
Public Structure GestureSample A representation of data from a multitouch gesture over a span of time.
Public Structure TouchCollection Provides methods and properties for accessing state information for the touch screen of a touch-enabled device.
Public Structure TouchCollection.Enumerator Provides the ability to iterate through the touch locations in a TouchCollection.
Public Structure TouchLocation Provides methods and properties for interacting with a touch location on a touch screen device.
Public Structure TouchPanelCapabilities Provides access to information about the capabilities of the touch input device.


Name Description
Public Enumeration GestureType Contains values that represent different multitouch gestures that can be detected by TouchPanel.ReadGesture.
Public Enumeration TouchLocationState Defines the possible states of a touch location.