Windows Phone Networking

This section contains articles describing how to add networking and multiplayer support to Windows Phone games with XNA Game Studio.

On Windows Phone, the following types of networking are supported for XNA Game Studio titles:

  • Xbox LIVE access through Gamer Services. This is available only to developers who have registered with Microsoft for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone access. For more information about becoming a registered Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone developer, go to

  • Web requests using the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP). This is available to all applications on Windows Phone.

  • Push notifications. Push notifications are also implemented through HTTP (client and server) and are available to all applications on Windows Phone.


Unlike Xbox 360 or Windows, Windows Phone does not support network sessions or open sockets. The methods listed above are the only way that networking is supported on the phone.

The topics in this section describe how to implement web requests and push notifications.

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