Windows Operations (C++/CLI)


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Demonstrates various Windows-specific tasks using the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).

The following topics demonstrate various Windows operations performed with the Windows SDK using Visual C++.

In This Section

How to: Determine if Shutdown Has Started (C++/CLI)

How to: Determine the User Interactive State (C++/CLI)

How to: Read Data from the Windows Registry (C++/CLI)

How to: Read Windows Performance Counters (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve Text from the Clipboard (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve the .NET Framework Version (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve the Current Username (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve the Local Machine Name (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve the Windows Version (C++/CLI)

How to: Retrieve Time Elapsed Since Startup (C++/CLI)

How to: Store Text in the Clipboard (C++/CLI)

How to: Write Data to the Windows Registry (C++/CLI)


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