Deploy (Command Line)

Deploys a project to a server or FTP location, as specified by the Deploy_Path initialization variable. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.


ss Deploy <project path> [-O] [-R] [-V]

Project Rights

You must have the Destroy project right to use this command.


This command is very similar to the Get Latest Version command, except that it does not limit you to putting the files in your working folder, and you cannot avoid overwriting existing files. Used recursively on a project (-R option), Visual SourceSafe deploys all the files in the project and subprojects, and places them into subfolders of the same name.

By default, Deploy copies the most recent version of the projects you specify. However, you can deploy earlier versions as well by using the -V option. Deploying an earlier version of a project gets the files that were in the project at a particular time. For instance, if you use the Deploy command to retrieve version 7 of the project $/WORD, you might get Test.html version 3, Help.htm version 10, and version 5.


Using a wildcard with the -V option, for example, in ss Deploy -V*, does not work for this command.


Deploys a Web project ($/SSAFE):

ss Deploy $/SSAFE

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