Share with <name> Dialog Box (Explorer and Plug-in)

Shares the current version of a file to make it a member of the current project or shares the current version of a project to create a new subproject. If you branch a shared file, changes made in the branched file no longer propagate to the file versions in other projects. Similarly, changes made to the file in the other projects no longer propagate to the branched file.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Versions menu, click Share.

In Visual Studio, on the File menu, click Source Control, then click Share.


To display a list of all the projects that share a specific file, use the Links tab.

  • Branch after share
    Shares the file, then immediately branches it to create separate versions.
  • File to share
    Indicates the file that you want to share. Only files that can be shared with your current project are listed. Some files cannot be shared, for example, files with the same name as a file already in your project.
  • List files of type
    Specifies the file group that contains the types of file that you want to share. When you select a file group, only files with the file extensions in the group are shown in the file list. All Files (*.*) lists all files in the current folder.
  • Projects
    Allows you to select the project from which you want to share a file.
  • Share
    Shares the selected file. For a project, clicking Share displays the Share dialog box, which you can use to specify a name and comment for the shared project.
  • View
    Displays the File dialog box, which allows you to view the latest version of the file from the Visual SourceSafe database.

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