ASP.NET Web Projects

The topics in this section describe how to create, customize, and manage an ASP.NET Web project (a Web application project or a Web site project). The topics cover information that pertains to the project as a whole, such as the file structure of the project, the life cycle of an application, how to create a consistent look (themes) and a consistent layout (master pages) for all of the pages in the project, and how to use custom modules in the project.

In This Section


  • ASP.NET Configuration File Syntax
    Describes the syntax of elements that you can use in configuration files for Web applications.

  • System.Web
    Contains reference documentation for the System.Web namespace, which supplies classes and interfaces that enable communication between browsers and Web servers.

  • System.Web.Caching
    Contains reference documentation for the System.Web.Caching namespace, which provides classes for caching frequently used resources on the server.

  • System.Web.Configuration
    Contains reference documentation for theSystem.Web.Configuration namespace, which contains classes that are used to configure ASP.NET.

  • System.Web.Security
    Contains reference documentation for theSystem.Web.Security namespace, which contains classes that are used to implement ASP.NET security in Web server applications.

  • System.Web.Services
    Contains reference documentation for the System.Web.Services namespace, which consists of the classes that enable you to create XML Web services using ASP.NET.

  • System.Web.UI.HtmlControls
    Contains reference documentation for System.Web.UI.HtmlControls classes, which enable you to control HTML elements using server code.

  • System.Web.UI.WebControls
    Contains reference documentation for classes that enable you to create Web server controls on a Web page. Web controls run on the server and include form controls such as buttons and text boxes, as well as special purpose controls, such as a DropDownList control. These classes enable you to programmatically manage these elements on a Web page.