Deprecated Compiler Options in Visual C++ 2005

In Visual C++ 2005, the following compiler options have been marked as deprecated. These compiler options will continue to work as expected in the current release, but may be removed in a future release.


The following compiler options are now deprecated.

Deprecated option

Use the following option instead

For more information, see


/LN (Create MSIL Module)

/clr (Common Language Runtime Compilation)



/FR, /Fr (Create .sbr File)



/Ge (Enable Stack Probes)


/EH (Exception Handling Model)

/GX (Enable Exception Handling)


/RTC (Run-Time Error Checks)

/GZ (Enable Stack Frame Run-Time Error Checking)



/H (Restrict Length of External Names)


/O1, /O2 (Minimize Size, Maximize Speed)

/Og (Global Optimizations)


No compiler option is needed. The compiler has made significant improvements in float to int conversion speed.

Regarding rounding, /QIfist results in generation of the fistp instruction, which uses whatever ambient rounding mode is to do the conversion.

A routine to do this is:

int ftol_ambient(double d) {
   int i;
   __asm {
      fld d
      fistp i
   return i;

/QIfist (Suppress _ftol)



/V (Version Number)


/Z7, /Zi, /ZI (Debug Information Format)

/Yd (Place Debug Information in Object File)



/Za, /Ze (Disable Language Extensions)



/Zg (Generate Function Prototypes)

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