The QuickStart Tutorials are installed with the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, provided the QuickStart Samples setup option is selected during setup. The tutorials provide sample code and descriptions for quickly learning tasks in the following areas:


  • ASP.NET Web Services

  • Common Tasks

In most cases, code examples are provided both in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 and Microsoft Visual C# 2005.

Also available on the Web are the Visual J# 2005 Express Edition and other Late Breaking QuickStart Tutorials.

For examples of using Windows Forms, see Windows Forms Controls Samples.

To install and configure the QuickStarts

  1. The QuickStart Samples option must be selected during setup of the Windows SDK in the stand-alone or with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. This option is not selected by default. The QuickStarts are installed in the following locations depending on whether you installed Visual Studio 2005.

    \Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\Samples

    \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Samples

  2. The QuickStarts must be configured for your computer. Follow the procedures described in the StartSamples.htm file located in the Samples folder. A wizard will configure the QuickStarts provided that you have the required components as described on StartSamples.htm.

    For information about required settings and the .Net Framework Command Prompt, see How to: Set Sample Settings.

In This Section

  • .NET Framework Samples
    Contains sample applications and technology samples that cover core and advanced development technologies in the .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. Each sample topic contains a user interface to view source files and to download the sample in a folder you specify.

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