Office 365 User view access to Project and Roadmap

An appropriate Project Plan license is required for your Office 365 users to use Project for the web or Roadmap. However, users that are assigned certain Office 365 licenses are allowed to have view access to Project for the web and Roadmap. This provision will allow them to have read-only access to projects and roadmaps that are shared with them, without needing to be assigned a Project Plan license.

If your users need to be able to edit or create projects or roadmaps, you will need to purchase the appropriate Project Plan license and assign it to the user.


For more information about Project Plan subscriptions and understand what the capabilities of an Office 365 user are, see the Project service description.

Office 365 subscription with view access

Office 365 view access applies to the following families of Office 365 suites and their education and GCC counterparts.

  • Microsoft 365 F3 and Office 365 F3
  • Office 365 E1
  • Microsoft 365 for business
  • Microsoft E3 and Office 365 E3
  • Microsoft E5 and Office 365 E5


GCC access coming soon

Within each subscription, there are two apps that can be seen from the Microsoft 365 Admin center.

  • Project for Office (Plan X)
  • Dataverse

The "Plan" in the title of Project for Office comes from the family of suite the app is included in. Both apps (from the same subscription) must be assigned to the user to view Project for the web or Roadmap.

Project for Office App

Family Subscription Admin center Display Name ID Name
F3 Project for Office (Plan F) 7f6f28c2-34bb-4d4b-be36-48ca2e77e1ec PROJECT_O365_F3
E1 Project for Office (Plan E1) a55dfd10-0864-46d9-a3cd-da5991a3e0e2 PROJECT_O365_P1
E3 Project for Office (Plan E3) 31b4e2fc-4cd6-4e7d-9c1b-41407303bd66 PROJECT_O365_P2
E5 Project for Office (Plan E5) b21a6b06-1988-436e-a07b-51ec6d9f52ad PROJECT_O365_P3
GCC F3 Project for Government (Plan F) c53c4ff0-e968-4b95-a8c9-1b19be57e116 PROJECT_O365_F3_GOV
GCC E1 Project for Government (Plan E1) 54c013b2-44fa-457d-9fd1-3ebab96f2d28 PROJECT_O365_P1_GOV
GCC E3 Project for Government (Plan E3) e7d09ae4-099a-4c34-a2a2-3e166e95c44a PROJECT_O365_P2_GOV
GCC E5 Project for Government (Plan E5) 9b7c50ec-cd50-44f2-bf48-d72de6f90717 PROJECT_O365_P3_GOV


Microsoft 365 for business subscriptions include Project for Office (Plan E1), Project for Office (Plan E3) or Project for Office (Plan E5).

Common Data Service App

Family Subscription Admin center Display Name ID Name
F3 Common Data Service ca6e61ec-d4f4-41eb-8b88-d96e0e14323f DYN365_CDS_O365_F1
E1 Common Data Service 40b010bb-0b69-4654-ac5e-ba161433f4b4 DYN365_CDS_O365_P1
E3 Common Data Service 4ff01e01-1ba7-4d71-8cf8-ce96c3bbcf14 DYN365_CDS_O365_P2
E5 Common Data Service 28b0fa46-c39a-4188-89e2-58e979a6b014 DYN365_CDS_O365_P3
GCC F3 Common Data Service 29007dd3-36c0-4cc2-935d-f5bca2c2c473 DYN365_CDS_O365_F1_GCC
GCC E1 Common Data Service 8eb5e9bc-783f-4425-921a-c65f45dd72c6 DYN365_CDS_O365_P1_GCC
GCC E3 Common Data Service 06162da2-ebf9-4954-99a0-00fee96f95cc DYN365_CDS_O365_P2_GCC
GCC E5 Common Data Service a7d3fb37-b6df-4085-b509-50810d991a39 DYN365_CDS_O365_P3_GCC

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