Project for the web setup requirements for Dynamics 365 business units

In Dynamics 365, you can create more business units in your Dataverse instance. If you want Project for the web users in the business unit to be able to access and use it, you need to make sure that the associated team in which your users are members have the Project Common and Project User roles applied to it.


You only need to do this if you add a new business unit to your default CDS instance. This will automatically be applied to your root business unit's team settings.

To apply the Project User role to a business unit


You must be a Global Admin to do this.

  1. In the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, for your default instance, click Open.
  2. On the PowerApps Settings Apps page, click Project.
  3. On the Project page, click the gear icon in the toolbar and click Advanced Settings.
  4. On the Dynamics 365 Settings page, click the Settings menu in the toolbar, and in the Systems section, select Security.
  5. On the Security page, select Teams.
  6. Select the team for your business unit from the Team Name column, and then click Manage Roles in the toolbar.
  7. In the Manage Team Roles screen, select Project User and Project Common, and then click OK.

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