ExtensionDataSource Class

Definition of which data will be collected from a separate VM extension that integrates with the Azure Monitor Agent. Collected from either Windows and Linux machines, depending on which extension is defined.

All required parameters must be populated in order to send to Azure.

param streams: Required. List of streams that this data source will be sent to. A stream indicates what schema will be used for this data and usually what table in Log Analytics the data will be sent to.

type streams: list[str or ~$(python-base- namespace).v2019_11_01_preview.models.KnownExtensionDataSourceStreams]

param extension_name: Required. The name of the VM extension.

type extension_name: str

param extension_settings: The extension settings. The format is specific for particular extension.

type extension_settings: object

param name: Required. A friendly name for the data source. This name should be unique across all data sources (regardless of type) within the data collection rule.

type name: str



ExtensionDataSource(*, streams: typing.List[typing.Union[str, _ForwardRef('KnownExtensionDataSourceStreams')]], extension_name: str, name: str, extension_settings: object = None, **kwargs)