RampUpRule Class

Routing rules for ramp up testing. This rule allows to redirect static traffic % to a slot or to gradually change routing % based on performance.

param action_host_name: Hostname of a slot to which the traffic will be redirected if decided to. E.g. myapp-stage.azurewebsites.net.

type action_host_name: str

param reroute_percentage: Percentage of the traffic which will be redirected to <code>ActionHostName</code>.

type reroute_percentage: float

param change_step: In auto ramp up scenario this is the step to add/remove from <code>ReroutePercentage</code> until it reaches

<code>MinReroutePercentage</code> or <code>MaxReroutePercentage</code>. Site metrics are checked every N minutes specified in <code>ChangeIntervalInMinutes</code>.

Custom decision algorithm can be provided in TiPCallback site extension which URL can be specified in <code>ChangeDecisionCallbackUrl</code>.

type change_step: float

param change_interval_in_minutes: Specifies interval in minutes to reevaluate ReroutePercentage.

type change_interval_in_minutes: int

param min_reroute_percentage: Specifies lower boundary above which ReroutePercentage will stay.

type min_reroute_percentage: float

param max_reroute_percentage: Specifies upper boundary below which ReroutePercentage will stay.

type max_reroute_percentage: float

param change_decision_callback_url: Custom decision algorithm can be provided in TiPCallback site extension which URL can be specified. See TiPCallback site extension for the scaffold and contracts. https://www.siteextensions.net/packages/TiPCallback/.

type change_decision_callback_url: str

param name: Name of the routing rule. The recommended name would be to point to the slot which will receive the traffic in the experiment.

type name: str



RampUpRule(*, action_host_name: typing.Union[str, NoneType] = None, reroute_percentage: typing.Union[float, NoneType] = None, change_step: typing.Union[float, NoneType] = None, change_interval_in_minutes: typing.Union[int, NoneType] = None, min_reroute_percentage: typing.Union[float, NoneType] = None, max_reroute_percentage: typing.Union[float, NoneType] = None, change_decision_callback_url: typing.Union[str, NoneType] = None, name: typing.Union[str, NoneType] = None, **kwargs)