azureml-core Package



Contains core packages, modules, and classes for Azure Machine Learning.

Main areas include managing compute targets, creating/managing workspaces and experiments, and submitting/accessing model runs and run output/logging.


Contains modules supporting data representation for Datastore and Dataset in Azure Machine Learning.

This package contains core functionality supporting Datastore and Dataset classes in the core package. Datastore objects contain connection information to Azure storage services that can be easily referred to by name without the need to work directly with or hard code connection information in scripts. Datastore supports a number of different services represented by classes in this package, including AzureBlobDatastore, AzureFileDatastore, and AzureDataLakeDatastore. For a full list of supported storage services, see the Datastore class.

While a Datastore acts as a container for your data files, you can think of a Dataset as a reference or pointer to specific data that's in your datastore. The following Datasets types are supported:

  • TabularDataset represents data in a tabular format created by parsing the provided file or list of files.

  • FileDataset references single or multiple files in your datastores or public URLs.

For more information, see the article Add & register datasets. To get started working with a datasets, see and


Contains Azure Machine Learning exception classes.


This module is used internally to prepare the Azure ML SDK for remote environments.