What is the Azure Machine Learning SDK for Python?

The Azure Machine Learning SDK for Python is used by data scientists and AI developers to build and run machine learning workflows with the Azure Machine Learning service. You can interact with the service in any Python environment, including Jupyter Notebooks or your favorite Python IDE.

Use this SDK to quickly build, train, and deploy your machine learning models for various domains.

Install the SDK

Install the SDK, azureml-sdk, into your development environment. The steps are similar across the various environment options.

pip install --upgrade azureml-sdk[notebooks,automl]

To learn how to configure your development environment for Azure Machine Learning service, see Configure your development environment.

Learn how to use it

Try these next steps to learn how to use the Azure Machine Learning service SDK for Python:

  1. Follow the tutorial to learn how to build, train, and deploy a model in Python.

  2. Look up classes and modules in the reference documentation on this site using the table of contents on the left.