Which Python and which version to use

There are several Python interpreters available - examples include:

  • CPython - the standard and most commonly used Python interpreter
  • PyPy - fast, compliant alternative implementation to CPython
  • IronPython - Python interpreter that runs on .Net/CLR
  • Jython - Python interpreter that runs on the Java Virtual Machine

CPython v2.7 or v3.4+ and PyPy 5.4.0 are tested and supported for the Python Azure SDK.

Where to get Python?

There are several ways to get CPython:

Unless you have a specific need, we recommend the first two options.

Installation with pip

You can install each Azure service's library individually:

pip install azure-batch          # Install the latest Batch runtime library
pip install azure-mgmt-scheduler # Install the latest Storage management library

Preview packages can be installed using the --pre flag:

pip install --pre azure-mgmt-compute # will install only the latest Compute Management library

You can also install a set of Azure libraries in a single line using the azure meta-package.

pip install azure

We publish a preview version of this package, which you can access using the --pre flag:

pip install --pre azure

Install from GitHub

If you want to install azure from source:

git clone git://
cd azure-sdk-for-python
python install