OptimizedTrotterStepOracle function

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Research.Chemistry

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Research.Chemistry

Returns optimized Trotter step operation and the parameters necessary to run it.

function OptimizedTrotterStepOracle (qSharpData : Microsoft.Quantum.Chemistry.JordanWigner.JordanWignerEncodingData, trotterStepSize : Double, trotterOrder : Int) : (Int, (Double, (Qubit[] => Unit is Adj + Ctl)))


qSharpData : JordanWignerEncodingData

Hamiltonian described by JordanWignerEncodingData format.

trotterStepSize : Double

Step size of Trotter integrator.

trotterOrder : Int

Order of Trotter integrator.

Output : (Int,(Double,Qubit[] => Unit is Adj + Ctl))

A tuple where: Int is the number of qubits allocated, Double is 1.0/trotterStepSize, and the operation is the Trotter step.