Primitive Operations Counter

The Primitive Operations Counter is a part of the quantum computer Trace Simulator. It counts the number of primitive executions used by every operation invoked in a quantum program. All operations from Microsoft.Quantum.Primitive are expressed in terms of single qubit rotations, T gates, single qubit Clifford gates, CNOT gates and measurements of multi-qubit Pauli observables. Collected statistics are aggregated over the edges of the operations call graph. Let us now count how many T gates are needed to implement the CCNOT operation.

open Microsoft.Quantum.Primitive;
operation CCNOTDriver() : () {
    body {
        using( qubits = Qubit[3] ) {

Using the Primitive Operations Counter within a C# Program

To check that CCNOT indeed requires 7 T gates and that CCNOTDriver executes 8 T gates we can use the following C# code:

// using Microsoft.Quantum.Simulation.Simulators.QCTraceSimulators;
// using System.Diagnostics;
var config = new QCTraceSimulatorConfiguration();
config.usePrimitiveOperationsCounter = true;
var sim = new QCTraceSimulator(config);
var res = CCNOTDriver.Run(sim).Result;

double tCountAll = sim.GetMetric<CCNOTDriver>(PrimitiveOperationsGroupsNames.T);
double tCount = sim.GetMetric<Primitive.CCNOT, CCNOTDriver>(PrimitiveOperationsGroupsNames.T);

The first part of the program executes CCNOTDriver. In the second part, we use the method QCTraceSimulator.GetMetric to get the number of T gates executed by CCNOTDriver:

double tCount = sim.GetMetric<Primitive.CCNOT, CCNOTDriver>(PrimitiveOperationsGroupsNames.T);
double tCountAll = sim.GetMetric<CCNOTDriver>(PrimitiveOperationsGroupsNames.T);

When GetMetric is called with two type parameters it returns the value of the metric associated with a given call graph edge. In our example operation Primitive.CCNOT is called within CCNOTDriver and therefore the call graph contains the edge <Primitive.CCNOT,CCNOTDriver>.

To get the number of CNOT gates used, we can add the following line:

double cxCount = sim.GetMetric<Primitive.CCNOT, CCNOTDriver>(PrimitiveOperationsGroupsNames.CX);

Finally, to output all the statistics collected by the gate counter in CSV format we can use the following:

string csvSummary = sim.ToCSV()[MetricsCountersNames.primitiveOperationsCounter];

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