Online Management API for Microsoft Dataverse


Effective August 26, 2020, the Online Management API is deprecated.

Online Management API lets you manage Dataverse environments in your Office 365 tenants. For detailed overview, see Online Management API for Dataverse.

This section provides reference content for the Online Management REST API.


For information about the PowerShell cmdlets, see Microsoft.Xrm.OnlineManagementAPI

REST Operations: Instances

Operation Description
Apply User Force applies a user to Dataverse environment.
Backup Instance Backs up a Dataverse environment.
Configure Instance Updates instance settings for a Dataverse environment.
Delete Instance Deletes a Dataverse environment.
Get Currencies Retrieves list of currencies supported in Dataverse environment.
Get Instance Retrieves a Dataverse environment in your Office 365 tenant.
Get Instance Backup Retrieves a backup for a Dataverse environment.
Get Instance Backups Retrieves backups available for a Dataverse environment.
Get Instance Type Info Retrieves information about a Dataverse environment type.
Get Instance Types Info Retrieves information about all Dataverse environment types.
Get Instances Retrieves all Dataverse environments in your Office 365 tenant.
Get Languages Retrieves a list of languages supported in a Dataverse environment.
Get Operation Status Retrieves status of an operation in your Dataverse environment.
Get Service Versions Retrieves information about all the supported releases for Customer Engagement.
Get Templates Retrieves templates supported for creating/provisioning a Dataverse environment. The 4 types of templates that you can choose from while provisioning an instance are: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation.
Provision Instance Creates an instance in your tenant.
Restore Instance Restores an instance in your tenant.
Update Instance Admin Mode Updates the Admin Mode settings of a Dataverse environment.

REST Operations: Keys

Operation Description
Generate Key Generates tenant protection (encryption) key.
Import Key Imports tenant protection (encryption) key.
Retrieve Available Tenant Protection Keys Retrieves available tenant protection (encryption) keys.
Retrieve Tenant Protection Key Retrieves the current tenant protection (encryption) key.
Set Tenant Protection Key Sets the tenant protection (encryption) key.

REST Operations: Notification

Operation Description
Get All Notifications Retrieves all notifications from the Notification service.
Post User Notification Post user notifications to the Notification service.

REST Operations: Tenant Application Identity

Operation Description
Create Tenant Application Identity Register a tenant application identity.
Delete Tenant Application Identity Deletes a tenant application identity.
Disable Tenant Application Identity Disables a tenant application identity.
Enable Tenant Application Identity Enables a tenant application identity.
Get Tenant Application Identities Retrieves all tenant application identities.
Get Tenant Application Identity Retrieves a tenant application identity.