API Management REST

Azure API Management provides a REST API for performing operations on selected entities, such as users, groups, products, and subscriptions. This reference provides a guide for working with the API Management REST API, as well as specific reference information for each available operation, grouped by entity.


This section describes how to access the API Management REST API using a different authentication mechanism than Azure Resource provider. For more information, see the following Prerequisites section.

For more information about working with the REST API, see the API Management .NET REST API Sample and the Getting Started with Azure API Management REST API video.

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Enable access to the REST API

Access to the API Management REST API must be granted before calls can be successfully made.

  1. Sign into the Azure Portal and navigate to your API Management service instance.

  2. Click on Management API from the menu.
    API Management Enable REST menu

  3. Select the Enable API Management REST API checkbox.
    API Management Enable REST checkbox


If the Enable API Management REST API checkbox is not checked, calls made to the REST API for that service instance will fail.

Default media type

The default media type for requests and responses is application/json. Where noted, some operations support other content types. If no additional content type is mentioned for a specific operation, then the media type is application/json.


Each request to the API Management REST API must be accompanied by an Authorization header containing a valid shared access token, as shown in the following example.

Authorization: SharedAccessSignature uid=53dd860e1b72ff0467030003&ex=2014-08-04T22:03:00.0000000Z&sn=ItH6scUyCazNKHULKA0Yv6T+Skk4bdVmLqcPPPdWoxl2n1+rVbhKlplFrqjkoUFRr0og4wjeDz4yfThC82OjfQ==  

This access token can be generated programmatically or from within the API Management publisher portal. For instructions on generating and retrieving the access token, see To manually create an access token and To programmatically create an access token.

Base URL

The Base URL of the API Management REST API conforms to the following template.


This template contains the following parameter.

  • {serviceName} is the service name as it was specified during service creation, for example https://contosoapi.management.azure-api.net.

All URLs returned by the API Management REST API are relative to this base URL, and all requests to the REST API must use this base URL template.

Version Query Parameter

All operations expect an api-version query parameter with a value in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2014-02-14.


During the preview period for API Management, -preview is appended to the version query parameter, for example 2014-02-14-preview.

If this query parameter is not passed in the query string of a request, the server will return a status code of 400 Bad Request. For a list of supported versions, see the following API Management REST API version history section.

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