Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers - Marketplace Store Charge

The Marketplace Store Charge API returns the usage-based marketplace charges breakdown by day for the specified Billing Period or start and end dates. And with the latest version (v3), customers can see the Recurring Charges as a part of the API response.


Common header properties that need to be added are specified here. If a billing period is not specified, then data for the current billing period is returned. Custom time ranges can be specified with the start and end date parameters that are in the format yyyy-MM-dd, the maximum supported time range is 36 months.

Method Request URI


To use the preview version of API, replace v2 with v1 in the above URL.


			"id": "id",
			"subscriptionGuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
			"subscriptionName": "subName",
			"meterId": "2core",
			"usageStartDate": "2015-09-17T00:00:00Z",
			"usageEndDate": "2015-09-17T23:59:59Z",
			"offerName": "Virtual LoadMasterâ„¢ (VLM) for Azure",
			"resourceGroup": "Res group",
			"instanceId": "id",
			"additionalInfo": "{\"ImageType\":null,\"ServiceType\":\"Medium\"}",
			"tags": "",
			"orderNumber": "order",
			"unitOfMeasure": "",
			"costCenter": "100",
			"accountId": 100,
			"accountName": "Account Name",
			"accountOwnerId": "",
			"departmentId": 101,
			"departmentName": "Department 1",
			"publisherName": "Publisher 1",
			"planName": "Plan name",
			"consumedQuantity": 1.15,
			"resourceRate": 0.1,
			"extendedCost": 1.11,
            "isRecurringCharge": "False"

Response property definitions

Property Name Type Description
id string Unique Id for the marketplace charge item
subscriptionGuid Guid The Subscription Guid
subscriptionName string The Subscription Name
meterId string Id for the emitted Meter
usageStartDate DateTime Start time for the usage record
usageEndDate DateTime End time for the usage record
offerName string The Offer name
resourceGroup string The resource Group
instanceId string Instance Id
additionalInfo string Additional info JSON string
tags string Tag JSON string
orderNumber string The order number
unitOfMeasure string Unit of measure for the meter
costCenter string The cost center
accountId int The account Id
accountName string The Account Name
accountOwnerId string The Account Owner Id
departmentId int The department Id
departmentName string The department name
publisherName string The publisher name
planName string The Plan name
consumedQuantity decimal Consumed Quantity during this time period
resourceRate decimal Unit price for the meter
extendedCost decimal Estimated charge based on Consumed Quantity and Extended cost
isRecurringCharge string Recurring charges indicator

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