Common Azure Cosmos DB REST request headers

The following request headers are common to all tasks that you might do with the SQL API:

Header Required Type Description
Authorization Required String The authorization token for the request. For more information on generating a valid authorization token, see Access Control on Cosmos DB Resources
Content-Type Required (on PUT and POST) String For POST on query operations, it must be application/query+json.

For attachments, must be set to the Mime type of the attachment. For more information on Mime types, see Create an Attachment

For all other tasks, must be application/json.
If-Match Optional (applicable only on PUT and DELETE) String Used to make operation conditional for optimistic concurrency. The value should be the etag value of the resource.
If-None-Match Optional (applicable only on GET) String Makes operation conditional to only execute if the resource has changed. The value should be the etag of the resource.
If-Modified-Since Optional (applicable only on GET) Date Returns etag of resource modified after specified date in RFC 1123 format. Ignored when If-None-Match is specified
User-Agent Optional String A string that specifies the client user agent performing the request. The recommended format is {user agent name}/{version}. For example, the official SQL API .NET SDK sets the User-Agent string to Microsoft.Document.Client/ A custom user-agent could be something like ContosoMarketingApp/1.0.0.
x-ms-activity-id Optional String A client supplied identifier for the operation, which is echoed in the server response. The recommended value is a unique identifier.
x-ms-consistency-level Optional String The consistency level override for read options against documents and attachments. The valid values are: Strong, Bounded, Session, or Eventual (in order of strongest to weakest). The override must be the same or weaker than the account�s configured consistency level.
x-ms-continuation Optional String A string token returned for queries and read-feed operations if there are more results to be read. Clients can retrieve the next page of results by resubmitting the request with the x-ms-continuation request header set to this value.
x-ms-date Required Date The date of the request per RFC 1123 date format expressed in Coordinated Universal Time, for example, Fri, 08 Apr 2015 03:52:31 GMT.
x-ms-max-item-count Optional Number An integer indicating the maximum number of items to be returned per page. An x-ms-max-item-count of -1 can be specified to let the service determine the optimal item count. This is the recommended configuration value for x-ms-max-item-count
x-ms-documentdb-partitionkey Optional Array The partition key value for the requested document or attachment operation. Required for operations against documents and attachments when the collection definition includes a partition key definition. Supported in API versions 2015-12-16 and newer. Currently, the SQL API supports a single partition key, so this is an array containing just one value.
x-ms-session-token Required (for session consistency only) String A string token used with session level consistency. For more information, see
Using consistency levels in Cosmos DB
x-ms-version Required String The version of the Cosmos DB REST service.
For a list of supported API versions, see Azure Cosmos DB REST API Reference
A-IM Optional String Indicates a change feed request. Must be set to "Incremental feed", or omitted otherwise.
x-ms-documentdb-partitionkeyrangeid Optional Number Used in change feed requests. The partition key range ID for reading data.

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