Azure Retail Prices overview

Azure customers have been looking for a programmatic way to retrieve retail prices for all Azure services. Now you can use the Retail Rates Prices API to get retail prices for all Azure services. Previously, the only way that you could retrieve prices for Azure services was to either use the Azure Pricing Calculator or use the Azure portal. This API gives you an unauthenticated experience to get retail rates for all Azure services. Use the API to explore prices for Azure services against different regions and different SKUs. The programmatic API can also help you create your own tools for internal analysis and price comparison across SKUs and regions.

API endpoint

API sample calls

Here are some examples:

Example call filtered for only virtual machines$filter=serviceName eq 'Virtual Machines'

Example call filtered for only reservations$filter=priceType eq 'Reservation'

Example call filtered for reserved instance virtual machines$filter=serviceName eq 'Virtual Machines' and priceType eq 'Reservation'

Example call filtered for compute resources$filter=serviceFamily eq 'Compute'

API response examples

Here's a sample API response, without reservation prices.

            "currencyCode": "USD",
            "tierMinimumUnits": 0.0,
            "retailPrice": 0.176346,
            "unitPrice": 0.176346,
            "armRegionName": "westeurope",
            "location": "EU West",
            "effectiveStartDate": "2020-08-01T00:00:00Z",
            "meterId": "000a794b-bdb0-58be-a0cd-0c3a0f222923",
            "meterName": "F16s Spot",
            "productId": "DZH318Z0BQPS",
            "skuId": "DZH318Z0BQPS/00TG",
            "productName": "Virtual Machines FS Series Windows",
            "skuName": "F16s Spot",
            "serviceName": "Virtual Machines",
            "serviceId": "DZH313Z7MMC8",
            "serviceFamily": "Compute",
            "unitOfMeasure": "1 Hour",
            "type": "DevTestConsumption",
            "isPrimaryMeterRegion": true,
            "armSkuName": "Standard_F16s"

Here's a sample API response with reservation prices and term in the response.

            "currencyCode": "USD",
            "tierMinimumUnits": 0.0,
            "reservationTerm": "1 Year",
            "retailPrice": 25007.0,
            "unitPrice": 25007.0,
            "armRegionName": "southcentralus",
            "location": "US South Central",
            "effectiveStartDate": "2020-08-01T00:00:00Z",
            "meterId": "0016083a-928f-56fd-8eeb-39287dcf676d",
            "meterName": "E64 v4",
            "productId": "DZH318Z0D1L7",
            "skuId": "DZH318Z0D1L7/018J",
            "productName": "Virtual Machines Ev4 Series",
            "skuName": "E64 v4",
            "serviceName": "Virtual Machines",
            "serviceId": "DZH313Z7MMC8",
            "serviceFamily": "Compute",
            "unitOfMeasure": "1 Hour",
            "type": "Reservation",
            "isPrimaryMeterRegion": true,
            "armSkuName": "Standard_E64_v4"

API property details

Here's all the property details that are a part of the API response.

Field Example Values Definition
currencyCode USD The currency in which rates are defined and returns prices in USD.
tierMinimumUnits 0 Minimum units of consumption to avail the price
reservationTerm 1 year Reservation term – 1 year or 3 years
retailPrice 0.176346 Prices without discount
unitPrice 0.176346
armRegionName westeurope ARM region where the service is available. This version only supports prices on Commercial Cloud.
Location EU West Azure data center where the resource is deployed
effectiveStartDate 2020-08-01T00:00:00Z Optional field. Shows the date when the retail prices are effective.
meterId 000a794b-bdb0-58be-a0cd-0c3a0f222923 Unique identifier of the resource
meterName F16s Spot Name of the meter
productid DZH318Z0BQPS UniqueID of the product
skuId DZH318Z0BQPS/00TG UniqueID for the SKU
productName Virtual Machines FS Series Windows Product name
skuName F16s Spot SKU name
serviceName Virtual Machines Name of the service
serviceId DZH313Z7MMC8 UniqueID of the service
serviceFamily Compute Service family of the SKU
unitOfMeasure 1 Hour How usage is measured for the service
Type DevTestConsumption Meter consumption type. Other types are Reservation, Consumption.
isPrimaryMeterRegion True
armSkuName Standard_F16s SKU name registered in Azure

API filters

Filters are supported for the following fields:

  • armRegionName
  • Location
  • meterId
  • meterName
  • productid
  • skuId
  • productName
  • skuName
  • serviceName
  • serviceId
  • serviceFamily
  • priceType
  • armSkuName

You append the filters to the API endpoint, as shown in the API sample calls.

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