Publisher policy operations - common headers and parameters

These APIs enable you to perform publisher policy operations on Event Hubs.

Common parameters

The following information is common to all tasks related to Event Hubs publisher policy:

  • Replace {api-version} with 2014-01 in the URL.
  • Replace {servicebusNamespace} with name of the namespace.
  • Replace {eventHubPath} with the path to your event hub.
  • Replace {publisherName} with the name of your publisher.

Common headers

The following table describes common request headers.

Request Header Description
Authorization Specify one of the following:
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) JSON Web Token (JWT) token.
    Example: Authorization: Bearer <Azure AD JWT token>.
    For information on generating an Azure AD token, see Get Azure AD token.
  • A SAS token.
    Example: Authorization: SharedAccessSignature sr=<NAMESPACE NAME><SHARED ACCESS KEY>&se=<TOKEN EXPIRY INSTANT>&skn=<SHARED KEY NAME>.
    For information on generating a SAS token, see Generate a Shared Access Signature token and Generate SAS token.
Content-Type Set to application/atom+xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8.


You can perform the following publisher policy operations: