Media Services Management REST


It is now recommended to use the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) REST API endpoints, as described in Media Services management REST API reference.

This section demonstrates how to create requests and receive responses using Media Services Management REST API.


The REST endpoint only supports HTTPS. The request is made against an URL in the format of https://endpoint/ (optionally with additional URL segments and/or URL query string). A request includes a set of request headers, and optionally a request body (for POST, PUT, GET request).

Request Headers

The x-ms-version request header value must be specified in the format YYYY-MM-DD. The current version of Media Services management operations is 2011-10-01.

Request Headers:  
x-ms-version: 2011-10-01  
Header Required Remarks Valid Values
x-ms-version Yes Indicates the API version. Alternatively, request can use api-version. 2011-10-01
Content-Type No Required for request that has request body. application/xml or application/json
Charset No Indicates what character sets are acceptable for the response. If omitted, server uses UTF-8. See HTTP Headers reference for all charsets.
Content-Length No The length of the request body in bytes. Required for request that has request body. N/A

Request Body

For a POST, PUT request, there is a request body. The request body has to be in the format indicated by the Content-Type header.


A response includes an HTTP status code, a set of response headers, and optionally a response body (for non-204 response).

Response Headers

Header Always Present Remarks Possible Values
x-ms-request-id Yes An id assigned by server for tracking the request. N/A
WWW-Authenticate No The error message about why the authentication failed. N/A
X-AspNet-Version Yes Indicates the version of AspNet. 4.0.30319
Date Yes Server time at which the processing the request finished. See HTTP Headers reference for DateTime format.
Content-Length No The length of the response body in bytes. Only present if there is a response body. N/A
Content-Type No The format of the response body according to the client’s Accept header (application/xml by default). Only present if there is a response body. application/xml application/json

Response Body

Response with non-204 (No Content) status code will have a response body. In this case, the response will have Content-Length and Content-Type header. The format of the body will be either XML or JSON depending on the Accept header in the request. If the Accept header is not specified in the request, server returns XML response body.

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