Azure NetApp Files REST API

The Azure NetApp Files service is an enterprise-class, high-performant, metered file storage service. It offers the following resources: NetApp accounts, capacity pools, volumes, mount targets, and snapshots. For more information about these resources, see Understand the storage hierarchy of Azure NetApp Files.

The REST API for the Azure NetApp Files service defines HTTP operations against the NetApp account, capacity pool, volume and snapshot resources. The API includes the operations listed in the following table.

Operation Resource Type Description
List Operations N/A Lists all of the available Microsoft.NetApp Rest API operations
List NetApp Accounts NetApp Account Lists all NetApp accounts in the resource group
Get NetApp Account NetApp Account Gets the NetApp account
Create or Update NetApp Account NetApp Account Creates or updates a NetApp account
Delete NetApp Account NetApp Account Deletes a NetApp account
Update NetApp Account NetApp Account Updates a NetApp account
List Capacity Pools Capacity Pool Lists all capacity pools in the NetApp Account
Get Capacity Pool Capacity Pool Gets a capacity pool
Create or Update Capacity Pool Capacity Pool Creates or updates a capacity pool
Delete Capacity Pool Capacity Pool Deletes a capacity pool
Update Capacity Pool Capacity Pool Updates a capacity pool
List Volumes Volume Lists volumes
Get Volume Volume Gets a volume
Create or Update Volume Volume Creates or updates a volume
Delete Volume Volume Deletes a volume
Update Volume Volume Updates a volume
List Mount Targets Mount Target Lists mount targets
List Snapshots Snapshot Lists snapshots
Get Snapshot Snapshot Gets a snapshot
Create Snapshot Snapshot Creates a snapshot
Delete Snapshot Snapshot Deletes a snapshot
Update Snapshot Snapshot Updates a snapshot