Update a notification hub

Updates notification hubs.


Method Request URI HTTP version
PUT https://{namespace}.servicebus.windows.net/{Notification Hub}?api-version=2015-01 HTTP/1.1

Request headers

The following table describes required and optional request headers.

Request header Description
Content-Type application/xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8
Authorization Token generated as specified in Shared Access Signature Authentication with Service Bus, or Service Bus authentication and authorization with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Access Control (also known as Access Control Service or ACS).
x-ms-version 2015-01
If-Match Set this header to “*” to update the notification hub. You must provide all the property values that are desired on the updated notification hub. Any values not provided will be set to the service default values. If this header is missing, then the update call returns an error indicating that this notification hub already exists.

Request body

A NotificationHubDescription element. For an example, see the request body for Create a notification hub.


The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Response codes

Code Description
200 Notifications hub updated successfully.
400 Invalid request body. The notification topic could not be updated because the request was malformed (or the validation failed).
401 Authorization failure. The access key was incorrect.
404 Not found. The node does not contain a notification hub.

For information about status codes, see Status and Error Codes.

Response headers


Response body

A NotificationHubDescription element with all policies defined in the current node. For an example, see Create Notification Hub.