Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager enables you to deploy and manage the infrastructure for your Azure solutions. You organize related resources in resource groups, and deploy your resources with JSON templates. For an introduction to deploying and managing resources with Resource Manager, see Azure Resource Manager overview.

REST operation groups

Operation group Description
Deployment Operations Provides operations to get details about the operations that happen during a deployment.
Deployment Scripts Provides operations for working with scripts in a template.
Deployments Provides operations to work with deployments, including deploying a template, exporting a template, and getting information about a deployment.
Features Provides operations for users to access preview features from resource providers.
Management Locks Provides operations to prevent users in your organization from deleting or modifying certain resources.
Providers Provides operations to work with resource providers that support resources.
Resource Groups Provides operations to create, delete, and access resource groups.
Resource Links Provides operations to link resources that have logical relationships.
Resources Provides operations to work with deployed resources.
Subscriptions Provides operations to view the subscriptions for your Azure Active Directory tenant.
Tags Provides operations to apply tag names and values to resources for organizing your resources.
Template Specs Provides operations for working with templates that you can share in your organization.
Tenants Provides operations to view the Azure Active Directory tenants for your account.

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