Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center provides unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads. With Security Center, you can apply security policies across your workloads, limit your exposure to threats, and detect and respond to attacks.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Alerts Alerts on security events that happened on the subscription.
Adaptive Application Controls Configuration of application control rules on groups of VMs/servers.
Auto Provisioning Settings Details of specific settings.
Compliances Details of specific Compliances.
Discovered Security Solutions Details of specific discovered Security Solution.
External Security Solutions External Security Solutions for the subscription and location.
Jit Network Access Policies Policies for protecting resources using Just-in-Time access control.
Locations Details of specific locations.
Operations All available operations.
Pricings Security pricing configuration in the resource group.
Security Contacts Security contact configurations for the subscription.
Tasks Recommended tasks that will help improve the security of the subscription proactively.
Workspace Settings Settings about where we should store your security data and logs.